"Pixiuand Green Dragon” – Bead Bracelet Feng Shui Stretchy Natural


🐉 A bracelet of green natural stone beads, stretchy dragon pixiu (I.e.

Looking to upgrade your style and feel more powerful?

You want to protect yourself from bad energies and attract happinesseur ?

So, the green, stretchy dragon natural stone bead bracelet pixiu is made for you ! 🤩

🔮 What is the green stretch dragon natural stone bead bracelet pixiu ? 🔮

This bracelet is an accessory Feng Shui which combines style and symbolism. Made from green natural stones and a dragon pattern Pixiu, this bracelet is designed to protect you from bad energies and to attract happiness.eur and luck.

The dragon pattern Pixiu is a representation of power and protection, and green natural stones are known for leurs healing properties and leurs health benefits.

The bracelet is stretchy which makes it perfect to fit your size and style. 💚

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