Bracelets against the evil eye Hamsa or Hand of Fatima are traditional jewelry that is believed to protect against bad luck and negative energies. THE Hamsa is a symbol of the open right hand, which is considered a protective talisman in many cultures. The symbol is often associated with eyes, which represent the ability to see evil and deflect it.
Bracelets Hamsa or Hand of Fatima can be made from a variety of materials, such as beads, strings, metal chains, or fils. Bracelets can have a single charm Hamsa, or moreeurs charms Hamsa associated with beads or other charms.
These bracelets are often associated with the culture of the Middle East and the Maghreb, where ils are popular as traditional jewelry. However, ils have also become popular in other parts of the world as fashion jewelry, and are worn by people of all cultures and religions. The bracelets Hamsa Hand of Fatima can be worn alone or paired with other jewelry to create a unique look. Ils are also a popular gift for all ages.

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