The bracelets offered are made of obsidian, a natural volcanic stone known for its protective and healing properties. The main element of these bracelets is the Pixiu, a Chinese mythical creature considered a symbol of wealth and good fortune in Chinese culture. THE Pixiu are often depicted as winged lions or dragons, and are known to be powerful protectorseurs. The Pixiu represented on these bracelets are generally made of zinc alloy, with a silver or gold finish, depending on the model chosen. Each bracelet is adorned with one or moreieurs Pixiu, which are often positioned to be worn on top of the wrist, so that theeur protective energy is directed directly at the usereur.

Besides theeur decorative aspect, bracelets Pixiu have an important symbolic meaning. THE Pixiu are believed to help attract wealth and prosperity, while providing protection against negative energies. By wearing a bracelet Pixiu, the useseurs can thus benefit from the healing and protective properties of the obsidian stone, combined with the positive energy and luck brought by the Pixiu. In addition to being beautiful fashion accessories, these bracelets are supposed to help userseurs to attract wealth and prosperity while protecting them against negative energies, thanks to the healing and protective properties of the obsidian stone and the positive energy of the Pixiu.

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